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Joint Rotation

According to Chinese medicine, joint rotation enhances energy flow, and helps to unblock the blockage along the meridian lines, which causes discomfort or pain in our body.

From the anatomical point of view, muscles usually connect to the surrounding area of a joint, in order to hold bones together and to perform certain movements. Therefore joint rotation will involve all the muscles that are connected to that joint, and help with blood circulation.

Rotation of joints is recommended to maintain our health. Joint rotation can apply to all our joints such as wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck, waist (pelvis), hips, knees and ankles.


Tips for safety and better results:

  1. Perform joint rotation slowly (as if you are doing Tai Chi Ė slow movements)

  2. Rotate a joint within the comfortable range of motion (no restriction or pain)

  3. Relax the muscles around a joint, and perform a soft and smooth movement to rotate the joint.

  4. Each time only involves one joint.

  5. Perform a certain number of rotations for one direction, then do the same for the opposite direction. (10 times for each direction to start with)

  6. In case of dizziness, please sit down and do the neck rotation.


Wrist rotation

Have you seen Polynesian dances, the soft circling movements of the dancerís wrists? Thatís what we are talking about. If you can involve your fingers when you do the wrist rotation, this is even better. You can do rotation for both wrists at the same time if you like.

Elbow rotation

Hold the arm close to your body, form your elbow to 90-degree angle, then rotate elbow joint clockwise/ anti-clockwise. You can do rotation for both elbows at the same time if you like.

Shoulder rotation

Movements are just like swim strokes in free style.

Neck rotation

In case of dizziness, please sit down to do neck rotation. Try neck rotation in conjunction with your breathing. Breathe in when you rotate backwards. Breathe out when you rotate forwards.

Waist (pelvis) rotation

Waist rotation is very similar to the movements of keeping a hula-hoop around your waist, but has to be performed slowly.

Hip rotation

Have something to hold to help with your balance. Stand on one foot, while the knee of the other leg draws a circle in the air with your hip joint as the centre point. Or if you prefer, you can lie on your side to do hip rotation.

Knee rotation

Sit at a corner of a table with only one foot on the floor. The other foot draws a circle in the air.

Ankle rotation

You can do rotation for both ankles at the same time if you like.


After doing massage and gardening, Simon usually does joint rotation exercises to maintain his joints and muscles. He has found this to be very helpful.


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Having regular massage can maintain and prevent muscular problems

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